100% US, 100% Agile development to accelerate your business

Traditional IT development has focused on important but non-differentiating objectives such as risk mitigation, compliance and cost efficiency.

Those essentials will never go away, but they’re not enough to keep pace in a market that demands better, more innovative software in increasingly shorter cycles. Today you win or you lose based on time to market, use of disruptive technologies and remarkable digital experiences.

We created Nexient in 2010 with these realities in mind. Our mission is simple: to help you deliver What’s Next. Faster. Better. More responsively to your business.

A different kind of technology partner

Nexient is America’s most scalable 100% US-based software services partner focused on Agile innovation. Spotted as a Gartner Cool Vendor early in our journey, today we’re the only 100% US tech firm among the top 100 outsourcers in the world.

Clients tell us we have created a disruptive model that bridges the gap in traditional IT sourcing options:

  • Faster and better than offshoring
  • More accountable and integrated than staff augmentation
  • More affordable, flexible and scalable than boutique consulting companies

Nexient: Bridging the gap in traditional IT sourcing options

A leaner, nimbler approach

We know many of our clients also work with multinational technology outsourcers, which offer many services and a global delivery model that is attractive for certain kinds of projects.

We understand because many of us started in that world. Our leadership includes many veterans of the industry’s most successful international consulting firms.

Nexient was designed to bring those same big company skills and experience with a leaner, nimbler approach. And because we live and work in your world, our integrated teams understand your users and adapt to your business faster.

Why diamonds outperform pyramids

  • Dependent on a broad ‘bottom-of-the-pyramid’ to reduce cost of service delivery
  • Cost-effective for standardized work
  • Ineffective in developing higher value-add capability
  • Constrained in creating innovation
  • Focus on higher caliber expertise
  • Reduced dependency on less experienced resources
  • Effective for complex and critical engineering, development, and business technology initiatives
  • Leaner teams deliver higher quality, productivity, business alignment and innovation

Silicon Valley innovation, Midwest delivery

Nexient’s Silicon Valley innovation center, three Midwest delivery centers and Agile development ensure

A compelling combination

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