Product-Minded Development

Agile is only the beginning

"If your organization adopts agile methods (for digital or other reasons), it must also adopt a product delivery paradigm."


Break down the silos

In many companies, the business teams and technical teams don’t talk every day. The first step in the product-minded approach is closing that gap.

The best results come from small, collaborative, cross-functional teams that include both business and technical people. Each member brings a unique perspective. Each bears a specific  functional responsibility. But all share an ownership-minded focus on the business outcome, like higher enrollment, productivity and revenue.

The most important person on the development team

The most important member of your development team is the user. True, your customers or employee users won’t literally participate in daily stand-ups. But the team must always feel their presence.

A great user experience will determine whether your software succeeds or fails. Better to learn what’s working and what’s not as early as possible through actual customer feedback, and course-correct quickly.

Deliver products, not projects

A software project has a beginning and an end. Delivery is the goal.

A software product — whether it's an actual commercial product, a website or an enterprise system— is a living thing. Delivery is only the beginning.

Product-minded development embraces a fast, flexible and highly iterative approach, so good stuff gets better and bad stuff gets fixed. You build what’s right for today, and build in the flexibility to adapt quickly to the needs of tomorrow.

Nexient lives by the product-minded approach. We didn’t invent it. Companies like Apple, Google and Amazon have been using it from day one and proved that it works.

We’re excited to put the power of product-minded development to work for our clients. You’ll see the results in the form of software people love to use, which will help you reach your business objectives faster.

The four cornerstones of product-minded development

Live it

Get close to your customers. Trace their journey. Put together a small, cross-functional team that will watch real users in action, walk in their shoes and live the customer experience.

Love it

Treat the product like a living, growing being. Nurture it. Help your customers love it by prioritizing improvements that reduce friction, encourage return visits and inspire loyalty.

Leverage it

Extend the life and value of your product by building a platform that’s useful today, but can also meet the demands of tomorrow. That includes enabling your colleagues, customers and partners to build on it over time.

Launch it

Put your product into the hands of real users quickly – before it’s perfect and before you even think it’s ready. Start a fast feedback loop to evolve the product responsively.

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