Accessible, actionable patient insights
Microservices re-architecture and app improve patient experience

Accessible, actionable patient insights

Re-architected patient experience measurement platform drives improved economics and future scalability




A recognized leader in healthcare analytics and performance management used a range of survey tools to capture patient data. The data is then analyzed and turned into actionable insights to help hospitals and healthcare providers improve clinical quality, safety and the patient experience.

But the client’s existing survey tools were expensive, error-prone and incapable of scaling to required volumes.


  • $800k annual cost savings
  • Maintained or decreased cost/story point quarter over quarter
  • Scalable infrastructure and extensible architecture support growing volume and future product enhancements
  • Enhanced revenue growth opportunity with improved survey response rates
  • Improved patient inclusion and compliance with federal accessibility guidelines

Nexient solution

Nexient assembled an integrated Agile team, including designers, usability experts, developers and quality engineers.

They collaborated with the client to develop a new survey design instrument and reporting dashboards integrating three payer-required survey platforms: paper, phone and electronic. The tool manages the survey process end-to-end, from creating and managing survey content, through approvals and quality assurance, to patient distribution and client reporting.

To improve performance and scalability, Nexient engineers re-architected a batch email process as a collection of microservices with an event-driven SOA model. Individual services can now pause and resume as required, rather than causing entire batch process to fail. New events enable better reporting, tracking and response (for example, a patient who completed but did not submit a survey could receive a friendly reminder).

To ensure regulatory compliance, Nexient accessible design experts also provided an end-end analysis of the patient survey experience across a range of browsers, devices and screen readers.

Tech stack: NServiceBus Microservices, WebAPI, ASP.NET, MVC 4 & 5, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) using MVVM, Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), NHibernate (Fluent), Entity Framework, NUnit, Moq, Fitnesse, SpecFlow, Git, MS SQL Server 2008 and 2012, Dropkick, Roundhouse, Jenkins, iOS

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