Inclusive design: a better experience for all

Imagine you were going to launch a new shoe store. You’d carry the top brands from around the world, in the most fashionable styles – but only in size ten. Not exactly a perfect business plan. Don’t you want everyone to be able to shop at your store?

Unfortunately, too many digital services – software applications, web sites, mobile apps, electronic documents and other tools – have similar limitations when it comes to accessible design.

Incorporating accessible design standards (such as WCAG 2.0) is more than just a legal requirement for many organizations, it’s just good business sense. Did you know:

  • About 15% of people live with some form of disability?
  • Most developed nations have an aging population that will increasingly appreciate accessible design?
  • An inaccessible web design can expose you to legal and reputational risk?
  • Accessible design standards can help guide you in organizing and optimizing your site, improving the experience for all your visitors?

Expand your customer universe with Nexient accessibility services

Nexient provides comprehensive accessibility services, including:

  • Accessibility audits and remediation: Our experts evaluate your software, web site or app against WCAG guidelines, provide you an end-to-end audit and offer appropriate remediation strategies and services. We’ll also re-evaluate your refreshed digital service to ensure issues are fully addressed.
  • Operationalizing accessibility: Let us help you establish sustainable accessible design in your organization, developing appropriate policies and procedures, design and user experience guidelines, recommended authoring tools, and best practices for usability and testing. .
  • PDF evaluations and remediation: We’ll ensure that business-critical documents are accessible with the right authoring tools and processes.
  • User experience conceptual design review: The design phase is the perfect time to instill accessibility best practices and ensure the best user experience for all, without compromising the needs of one group over another.
  • Mobile evaluation: Make sure that your mobile applications and responsive web designs adhere to WCAG 2.0 guidelines.
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