Don’t just learn Agile – be Agile

Many clients come to us after undergoing Agile training and coaching, concerned that the new ways of working haven’t really taken root. But even great training and coaching is no substitute for hands-on experience. We call this experience “performing while transforming,” and we’ve found that it’s the fastest path to sustained Agile adoption.

Nexient Agile co-building drives change as we deliver together

Here’s how it works:

  • We create hybrid teams (virtual or in-person), blending our experienced Agilists with your learners
  • Together, they deliver real projects in your development backlog
  • Within a few weeks, your team gets comfortable with the Agile process and cadence
  • By co-building an entire release, your team become experienced Agilists

You get the software you need – and a team that knows and loves how to build it.

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