Why Agile?

The Agile Manifesto was less than ten years old when Nexient launched. It felt a bit daring to make a commitment to 100% US-based, 100% Agile software development for the enterprise in those days. Now we’re recognized as one of the best in the country.

Agile has been embraced from tech company startups to federal government agencies for a simple reason: it works. According to 2017 research from the Project Management Institute, more than half of top-performing organizations – those which complete 80% or more software projects on time and on budget, and deliver on the original goals and business intent – use Agile. They waste nearly 28 times less money due to poor project performance, they grow revenue faster and are more profitable.

We simply don’t know a better way to capture business value, align business and technology stakeholders, respond appropriately to change, and deliver high quality, cost-effective software that people love to use.

We know some clients side with scrum, lean LEAN, or crave Kanban; some are just beginning a transition from traditional methods. That’s ok. Nexient will meet you and your team where you are, taking a pragmatic approach to harness the value of Agile while adapting to your unique requirements. (We even have a way to accelerate your transformation. Check out Agile co-building.)


Capture business value faster with Nexient’s 100% US, 100% Agile software development

Greenfield or upgrade? Whether it’s an app, API or custom software application, here are just a few ways Nexient Agile development can help your organization accelerate to code:

  • Get holistic: Nexient’s integrated teams of digital experience designers, analysts, architects, developers and quality engineers collaborate seamlessly, so you get a better, more cohesive product
  • Get extensible: We can help with the best strategies to break down monolithic applications into multi-tenant, versioned, performant and secure microservices that are easier to maintain and grow with your business
  • Get responsive: We’ll help you design a native or hybrid app to ensure anywhere, anytime access for your mobile users, and design an application that’s appealing and intuitive at any size
  • Get robust: We ensure enterprise-grade speed, scale and security for your application, from data layer and business logic, to front end and cloud infrastructure.
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