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Once upon a time, CIOs were paid to answer questions like:

  • Can IT keep up with our business goals?
  • Is our enterprise technology safe and secure?
  • Are we getting good value for our technology investments?

Those (not so easy) questions remain, of course. However, the era of digital disruption has ushered in new, exciting but thornier challenges like:

  • How do we innovate?
  • Where should we focus?
  • Which emerging technologies are relevant for us?
  • Can we accelerate?

In short, What’s Next? Nexient was formed to help our clients answer these questions, and get a clear practical plan to realize their strategies.

Nexient’s applied innovation summits help crystallize your market opportunity

Some Nexient clients come to us with 1,000 great ideas and just need support implementing a prioritized action plan. Others start with a blank sheet of paper, some smart colleagues and general mandate to develop an innovation strategy.

“We had an opportunity to gain great insights from diverse start-ups in various phases, spend focused time thinking about continual improvement, identified some great opportunities and action, and had an awesome time team building and enjoying the beauty of California! You surpassed our expectations!”

Whatever your starting point, Nexient can help. Join Nexient in the Silicon Valley for the opportunity to:

  • Identify suitable targets for innovation using a market maturity analysis
  • Tap into emerging technologies by meeting one-on-one with carefully curated startups relevant to your business
  • Turn inspiration into a game plan with a force-ranked list of innovation priorities
  • Get a quick reality check with rapid prototyping of your concepts with customers, prospects and internal product owners
  • Productize successful prototypes to become growth engines for your business

Prefer to drive your innovation agenda without a trip to California? Not a problem – Nexient can come to you. Our on-premise Innovation Workshops follow a similar process to our Silicon Valley Summits, with the added advantages of access to your extended team of colleagues, infrastructure and products.

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