9 reasons we love being Nexient Technology Athletes


With all due respect to Googlers and Tweeps, our name expresses a company that understands and values the sheer geeky athleticism of what we do.

Nexient has bet the company on a conviction that clients are looking for a different kind of technology partner – one that doesn’t believe in shipping tech jobs overseas, or hiring low-paid coding order takers.

Nexient Technology Athletes are curious, passionate and collaborative problem solvers.  Whether you speak Python or Hadoop, wireframes or AWS, at Nexient you’ll find a welcoming community of fellow Athletes who will encourage, challenge, teach and learn from you.


Maybe you hold several advanced degrees and dozens of technology patents – or just taught yourself how to code. Nexient tech athletes represent nearly every country, faith and coffee preference.

We don’t just welcome diversity – we need it. We understand great solutions require collaboration from different skills, teams and backgrounds.  It’s one of our core values.

PS. Unless it’s your preferred outfit, feel free to leave your suit and tie at home.


Nexient clients include some of the top ten brands in banking, retail, healthcare, media and more – not to mention some of the coolest and fastest growing tech and software companies.

At Nexient, we have the opportunity to help solve the business and technology challenges of not just one interesting company, but many.  (Like these, for example.)


Nexient was launched in 2010 with a core focus on US-based Agile software development.  Since then, we’ve continuously invested in new ways to add value. Like applied innovation and digital experience design, for example.

That’s good news for our clients, our tech athletes and the future of Nexient.


Love what you do, but also hungry to move up in your career?  We get it.

Nexient’s career framework provides clear pathways to progression, whether your idea of professional success involves managing multiple teams or just solving really knotty tech problems. There’s even a way to jump on the fast track.


Just because it’s lunchtime doesn’t mean your brain needs to switch off. Nexient lunch and learns are our way to discover and share about whatever fascinates us.

That could be DevOps Telemetry, Angular Tree Shaking or The Best Double Chocolate Cookies You’ve Ever Had.


We love our friends and family. But Nexient has a way of making you want to hang out with fellow tech athletes even after hours.

Nexient game nights, tubing down the Huron, trampoline dodgeball and family picnics are just a few ways we let down our hair together once the work day is done.  Did we mention our legendary Pi Day pie eating contests?


Comp packages at Nexient include most of the things you’d expect (medical, dental, life insurance, 401k), and a few you might not (like pet insurance).

You can even choose a plan that gives you rewards for achieving your health goals.


Some of us relish the opportunity to travel and get experience working face to face with different clients across the country.

Others would rather know we’ll be home for dinner (and be able to feed that iguana) every night.  Nexient offers opportunities for both kinds of tech athletes.

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