3 keys to digital transformation

Moving processes from physical to virtual environments is often a challenging effort, but one that's necessary to enable businesses to keep up with emerging trends, competition and customer needs. However, there will likely be those that want to stick to what they know and will require some persuasion to migrate to new ideas and technologies. Digital transformation has a number of benefits that businesses shouldn't ignore, and there are three major keys you can use to make sure that your digital initiative is a success.

1. Raise awareness

You first need to address any concerns and misconceptions that your employees may have about your transition. It will be important to establish a clear roadmap for what changes are going to be made and how they are going to be conducted. McKinsey noted that it's also critical to point out issues that currently exist within the organization and how a digital transformation is going to fix these problems and improve overall capabilities.

With this level of information, workers can feel more at ease as they head toward virtual environments. Fear of the unknown is one of the biggest things that can hold companies back from making essential decisions. By raising awareness of how the transformation will work and what will be expected, employees will be more open-minded to digital initiatives.

Employee awareness will help support a digital transformation initiative.Employee awareness will help support a digital transformation initiative.

2. Have the right tools

The people involved within your digital transformation effort will certainly be important, but it's just as imperative to have the best solutions on hand to bolster their capabilities and contribute to your shift. For example, organizations will want to invest in automation solutions to help streamline repetitive processes while ensuring that these tasks are executed the same way every time. This kind of accuracy can improve your reputation and reliability while also giving your employees a means to succeed.

Workers must be able to collaborate with their available tools and should be using the same processes to operate. Forbes contributor Hugo Moreno suggested that instead of maintaining a bimodal setup with boundaries set into each, it's necessary to create a common framework that will break down silos and enable consistency. Digital transformation must be a group effort and this can only happen when everyone operates from the same information and uses the same set of procedures.

3. Understand the possible benefits

"Digital transformation can be a major booster to monitoring consumer behavior and identifying any trends."

Employees need to know what types of issues exist within the business to identify why digital transformation is important, but they must also understand the benefits that come with the initiative in order to support it effectively. According to Solis' "The 2016 State of Digital Transformation" report, 55 percent of companies are pursuing digital transformation to deliver a better customer experience. Evolving customer behaviors and preferences is a major struggle for businesses, and 71 percent state that understanding the impact of a new customer is their biggest challenge. Some organizations simply don't have the tools or knowledge at their disposal to meet these efforts, and only 54 percent have fully mapped out the customer journey.

Rather than making changes and hoping they stick, digital transformation can be a major booster to monitoring consumer behavior and identifying any trends. This will help businesses make actionable decisions and improve the overall experience for their audience. Moving to digital environments will encourage innovation and enable groups to easily adapt to shifting conditions.

Digital transformation is no longer a luxury, it's a fundamental requirement for organizations that want to continue developing and delivering a positive experience. Essential keys like raising employee awareness and providing the right tools will ensure that your digital transformation effort goes as smoothly as possible. For more information on how digital transformation is evolving to business needs, check out Nexient today.

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