Nexient people are diverse, 
but our values are shared

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Our values

How we live and work

Values – everybody’s got some, even if they’re not written down. They can strengthen you and fill your life with purpose… or not.

At Nexient, we wrote them down because they’re pretty important to us and the way we work.  

When a colleague catches you living these values, don’t be surprised to hear it announced at our next Town Hall, along with a gift from Nexient to thank you for making our values more than just words on a page.

Technology athletes

We build software creatively, efficiently and quickly. We challenge ourselves to innovate and improve

Atif regularly burns down twice the average points in a sprint. He crushes features enthusiastically.

Honest challengers

We pay respect by sharing the best information and insights we have

Jyothi has done a fantastic job pushing the developers to improve their initial code by thoroughly testing and finding edge cases.

Accountable partners

Our teams are empowered to define solutions and deliver on our commitments

I have been working with Archana for two years now and I know I can count on her when my back is against the wall. I depend on her every day.

Curious minds

Learning about our clients' business, technology and the world helps us uncover new possibilities.

Suinan has been stuck in some pretty gnarly code that everyone else avoids. She has had a massive impact on the code base above what she is assigned.

Generous collaborators

We believe great solutions require collaboration from different skills, teams and backgrounds

Eric jumped right in to the mix of the Headless Architecture project and began contributing not only to code but also architecture conversations.

Enthusiastic explorers

We work hard, play hard and enjoy the journey with our clients and colleagues

Andy was the first one at Nexient to take this exam. We knew it would be challenging but he did not let that discourage or stop him.

Who says tech is a boys’ club?

Not the women of Nexient.
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