It’s all about time-to-value

At the end of the day, every software feature is designed either to make money or save money for your business.

But until that feature is in production, your development investment is in limbo. Capital is tied up, and revenue growth or cost savings are not realized.

Eliminate value blockers with Nexient DevOps

Nexient experts will work with you to uncover bottlenecks in your development process, analyzing opportunities to optimize:

  • Continuous integration
  • Continuous deployment
  • Continuous testing
  • Continuous monitoring
  • Release management
  • Data management
  • Collaboration

This assessment yields a DevOps maturity analysis and a prioritized roadmap. The next step focuses on a high priority development project where we can build, create and enhance a DevOps framework.

Over time, you will find integration problems resolved through automation, testing streamlined with analytics and self-remediation, reduced risks and cycle times – not to mention a happier, more motivated and productive development team.

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