Our Latest Software Development Case Studies

The best software development case studies are fueled by deep technology expertise and the ability to perform scaled agile development through applied innovation, creative strategy and quality engineering. Each agile software development case study outlines the business challenge presented, the Nexient solution, the implementation of functional requirements, and a short description of the impactful results.

Nexient works with emerging and leading brands to deliver innovative product-minded outcomes across a range of projects including customer support, mobile payments, application modernization, e-commerce, microservices and cloud migration.

5 Sales Skills to Help You Stand Out This Year

As a technology service provider, we see the industry going through continual changes and cycles.

The Art of Product Management

The phrase “There is an art to this job” usually means there is something opaque about it that can’t be easily defined.

Webinar Recap: What Not To Do When Onboarding Your Customer

“A poor onboarding experience is hard to come back from and is the fastest way to lose a customer,” says Paul Phillip, founder and CEO of Amity.

Podcast: What Does ERP Implementation Have In Common With Software Development?

What if software development tactics helped speed up timing and increased efficiencies for enterprise resource planning (ERP) implementations?

Great product idea but no time? Nexient’s Rapid Product Validation service has you covered

Ever had a good product idea you didn’t have the time or resources to get to? Revenue opportunities you couldn’t seize quickly?

Webinar: What Not To Do When Onboarding Your Customer

80 percent of software features are rarely or never used, according to product experience platform Pendo. You’ve got to build the right features.

Meet our new CEO: Allen Debes

Allen's focus on smart products, exceptional experiences, and business results is leading Nexient into our next era of client-focused growth.

(At least) 5 Ways Agile Isn’t Just for Techies

The Agile Manifesto was created in 2001 by 14 software developers in Snowbird, Utah.

Nexient Delivers Unified Digital Voucher System for Gaming Titan

A global entertainment company that offers online digital content needed to streamline its voucher system for company partners.

North Star Myth Busting

A North Star metric is intended to be a key measure of success. Its value comes from aligning everyone to work towards a common goal.At its best, it helps provide focus.

A Day in the Life of a Nexient Scrum Master (Video)

Ever wonder what it looks like to work a day in the life of a Nexient Scrum Master? One of our resident scrum masters, Tehmina Mehdi walked us through her daily routine...

How to Live an Agile Life

Six years ago I was burned out. I was working 12-hour days, sometimes more, wasn’t fulfilled in my work, my relationship with my family was suffering...

Everyone Has Startup Competition, Even if You Don’t Know it Yet

Here’s a number every company should worry about: a quarter trillion dollars.

Why You Need Both a Scrum Master and Product Owner on an Agile Team

A four-person Olympic bobsled team includes a driver, a brakeman, and two “push athletes.”

Webinar Recording - An Agile Mindset: The Nexient Way

Agile traditionalists will often tell you there’s only one way to be agile.

Culture and Consistency - the Keys to Agile Development Success

Software development can be complicated. Projects can start to go off the rails and it’s not always from lack of effort, ability, or experience.

Applying an Agile Mindset to the Challenges of the Cannabis Industry | New Nexient Case Study

Nexient helped a cannabis company prepare to scale as marijuana is legalized in more U.S. states. The largest cannabis company of a Midwestern state asked Nexient to upgrade i

The UX Designer’s Guide to Accessibility on a $0 Budget

“So, we don’t have a budget for accessibility. But it’s not a big deal. Our users don’t have disabilities anyway.”

Adapting Medical Protocols to Smartphone Technology at a Therapeutic Startup | New Nexient Case Study

Nexient helped a therapeutic startup adapt medical protocols to smartphone technology.

[Webinar] An Agile Mindset: The Nexient Way

Practicing agile in the modern work environment can take many shapes. Across every industry there are different interpretations and methods.

Nexus 2022: What We Learned about Standing Out in Today’s Market

Nexus is our annual event where we celebrate the innovation and progress some of our leading executive partners have made by getting together in Napa Valley, CA.

Digital Enablement vs. Digital Transformation | Nexient

In the classic debate over which came first — the chicken or the egg — they both appear equally essential for the other to happen. There’s a similarly head-scratching riddle o

New Year, New You: 4 Tips for Embarking on Your Career Change Journey

You’ve been successful at your job for 10 years and, while the corner office is finally yours, you’re suddenly asking yourself questions like, “Why am I here? Am I happy?"

6 Questions with Nick Steenstra: Unknown challenges, good communication equals good days, and have you tried TypeScript yet?

You know you’re working with inspiring and amazing people when you find yourself looking around and thinking, “Wow! This team is full of great leaders, captivating innovators,

The Complementary Relationship Between Agile & Blockchains

What is blockchain technology and what does it enable? We'll show the pros of using blockchain alongside Agile strategy and what you can achieve when doing so.

6 Questions with Hannah Juett: The Internal Projects Team, Coding While Traveling, and Being a Lefty in a Right-handed World

I promise this isn’t a blog series to spotlight all my work friends, but coincidentally, today’s feature happens to be a teammate who I’ve had the honor to work with before.

In My Own Words: The Five Lessons I Keep Relearning Everyday as a Software Developer

The work involved in planning, designing, building, and managing enterprise and internet-scale software systems is as complex as any other human endeavor throughout history.

Nexus Connect 2021 - Roundtable Recap (Video Replay)

A few weeks ago, we hosted ~100 of our top customers and prospects for our first ever digital networking event, Nexus Connect.

6 Questions with Adam Howard: Generous Collaboration, Hacking The Moment, And Embarrassing Code

The second edition of our newest monthly blog feature: Six questions with Nexient team members who you need to meet. Get ready to meet one of Nexient’s best: Adam Howard.

6 Questions With Noah Harris: Memorable Projects, That Special Thing About Teaching, Disney +, and More

In this series, we’ll be interviewing some of the amazing individuals behind our mission of developing innovative custom software people love to use. Let’s welcome our first

Nexient & NTT DATA – HFS Offers Perspective In Their Latest Report

In June, we announced the acquisition of Nexient by NTT DATA; a top 6 global IT services provider that is a category leader and innovator for all of the customers that they se

Reporting in a “Wagile” Environment

So, your company has decided to go “agile”? What does that mean for you as a department manager or project manager? How do you know if your teams are making progress?

Pragmatic Agile Development - A Quick Foray Into Agile Core Principles

Nexient’s Agile Transformation Approach is built with a pragmatic agile development mindset. Read more about pragmatic agile principles

Webinar Recap: Preparing Utilities for the Next Potential Crisis

Last week, we sat down with Vicky Papa, VP of Utilities and Energy at Nexient, for a round-table discussion about all things crisis preparation and ways utilities professional

Trust but Verify – How to Determine Business Value In Agile

Learn how to determine business value in agile with subjective and objective verification using agile business value metrics.

Unlocking the Secret Ingredient to Agile High Performing Teams

There are a lot of ways trust affects Agile teams. Learn about core components of agile trust in building agile performing teams.

Backyard Agile - The Agile Development Environment

Find out who the kids and parents are in this nostalgic analogy centered around the agile development environment.

Ch-ch-changes: 4 steps for CIOs to prepare for H-1B visa policy reform

H1-B visa reform is likely to impact most large US companies – here’s how to prepare.

Should I stay or should I go?

Traditional business intelligence systems are seriously struggling. It's time to take the first steps toward real-time analytics.

Full speed ahead: NoSQL in a legacy environment

With a NoSQL database in place, you can get up-to-the-second insights into consumer behavior

H1-B visas: innovation driver or job killer?

As seen in USA Today: A perspective on Trump’s “Buy American, Hire American” executive order.

Happy Global Accessibility Awareness Day!

Three things you need to know about accessible digital design compliance

Don’t fall for Faux-gile

This wasn’t the Agile I’d read about. This wasn’t the Agile Manifesto in action. This wasn’t Agile at all. It was Faux-gile.

DevOps: cure for the Thursday Night of Dread

Done right, DevOps is more than a tool for efficiency. It’s an investment in employee happiness.

3 DevOps practices to avoid the Thursday Night of Dread

You have to commit—really commit—to automation and telemetry.

5 reasons these teenagers inspire me

I was blown away. Forget any negative stereotypes you might have about teenagers: these have got to be some of the most delightful, curious, diverse,

The Ideal Agile Workspace

A good environment gives agile teams a boost while bad ones can drag them down. Learn more about ideal agile workspaces.

Let’s talk about DevOps, CFOs

You already know your business wants to transform around cloud, mobile, DevOps and agile development. The question is can finance become Agile too?

The great digital accessibility deadline

Rather than fear it, online retailers should see this as an opportunity

Avoid the agony of acquiring code

There are many reasons you might end up acquiring code...

A different drumbeat

That multiweek cycle that suits the dev team isn’t always a great fit for DevOps

From BDD to TDD: Agile Methodology Pros and Cons

Explore agile methodology pros and cons for various agile techniques, and discover benefits from different flavors of agile.

Use DevOps to help escape the application monolith inferno

If you’ve worked in DevOps for more than a couple years, you’re probably all too familiar with the agony of monolithic apps...

Startups need to prepare for success to have success

If you have the right mindset, and more importantly, act on it, you’ll be well ahead of your competitors…

What are software recruiters looking for?

Some of the most important skills for developers don’t involve code and aren’t taught in books (at least, not the ones I read as a student)!

4 Essential Agile Retrospective Questions

Every agile team needs an occasional checkup. These 4 essential agile retrospective questions will help with agile auditing and agile health.

Getting started with DevOps

How NOT to introduce DevOps in the enterprise, and a three-point plan to avoid the corporate quicksand

How to kick agile velocity addiction in agile development

Learn about velocity in agile and why business and executives are often fixated on increasing agile velocity in a way that is unhelpful for development teams.

Usability testing vs user acceptance testing: what’s the difference?

Understand two very different ways users can help you build better software

Bad software could be hurting your business

No one can fully explain why bad software happens to good people.

A new approach to talent acquisition: consider hiring teams

Companies are discovering a new approach to talent acquisition: hiring teams instead of individuals.

How to make sure your product is accessible to all users

Why does digital accessibility really matter? Just ask Beyoncé .

Making retrospectives real

If you're ready to drive real improvements in your Agile process, your retros have to work harder.

Why product teams are better “on tap”

Many software companies that need to accelerate faster than they can hire will supplement their teams with contractors.

The golden rules of software (part 1 of 3)

If life is too short for crappy software, why is there so much of it? Here's the first of 5 golden rules of software every business needs to know.

The golden rules of software (part 2 of 3)

In the latest post in our quest to save the world from #crappysoftware, golden rules 2 and 3 carry us through the minefields of Friction and Function.

Why Silicon Valley companies are betting on America’s heartland

Did my friend really have to leave the state he loved to build his dream career?

Going ‘lights-out’ with DevOps

People sometimes describe DevOps as a factory. It’s a good analogy.

The golden rules of software (part 3 of 3)

Every delightful app you’ve ever used has probably followed these five rules.

Lucrative tech jobs are closer than you think

To “make a dent in the universe,” as Steve Jobs famously said, you might already be in exactly the right place.

Why you should hire fewer geniuses

Everyone wants to hire a team of rock stars—or ninjas, or geniuses, as it appears.

The right and wrong way to deliver cybersecurity information

The wrong way: call it a “best practice” Once I found an internal system that was logging usernames and passwords in plain text.

5 guerrilla tactics for a DevOps-resistant organization

Most organizations are DevOps-resistant by nature.

Product vs Project Mindset for Software Development: It's a Matter of Survival

The rise of Agile and DevOps highlight the differences between project and product in software development.

If Design Systems Are So Great, Why Do I Want to Break Them?

Design systems can create a seamless and scalable user experience across multiple digital products.

“OK Xer”: pair programming with Gen Z

Of all the things I miss about being together with the Nexient team, the one that I might miss the most...

The Agile Builder

The word ‘agile’ is a term emerging as a critical piece in how businesses are innovating and modifying the way they work. Learn about Agile Building Solutions.

Donning a new cape with our partners - Nexus 2020 [Virtual]

Nexus has been a cornerstone in how we shape the Nexient belief system to...

Kanban: Team Maturity Matters

Learn what ingredients are used to make the tastiest KANBAN cocktail for successful collaboration.

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