Add-on sales add up

The challenge

A leading electronics retailer was looking for ways to grow revenue and improve customer convenience by offering TV buyers with relevant, complementary services.

Nexient Solution

Nexient built an intelligent platform to generate location-specific recommendations and configuration options to go along with TV purchases – for example, a customer can select activation and installation of internet, cable and phone services.

The platform incorporates integrations with multiple partner service providers, as well as more than 20 corporate systems for related functions such as transactions, reporting, and customer service.

$91 million

cross-sell revenue in six months


new service transactions in one year


Return on investment delivered in months


Customers now enjoy one-stop convenience to get all the services they need with their new TVs. Within six months, the offers platform helped generate more than $90 million in new services revenue –more than recovering the development investment. The retailer generated more than one million new service transactions in the first year alone.

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