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The challenge

A major utility had an inefficient process for managing, scheduling and reporting on field service maintenance operations. Relying on e-mailed forms, spreadsheets and manual database updates was slow and error-prone.

What’s more, this cumbersome approach exposed the company to potential risks for failure to meet regulatory standards for asset inspection and repairs.

Nexient Solution

Nexient developed a web-based desktop application that integrated with the company’s SAP enterprise platform and provided intelligent display and routing of assignments for managers of field service workers.  

Because the application contained geo-coordinates and other proprietary data on sensitive assets such as pipelines, the team also created a secure login flow to reduce attack vectors in any web application throughout the organization. The team delivered the minimum viable product (MVP) in under six months.

Faster, smarter decisions

for reduced risk

Reduced risk

of errors, safety violations and fines

From days to seconds

accelerated routing


Routing and tracking field assignments now takes seconds rather than days. An intuitive management tool lets supervisors make more informed decisions faster.

There’s also an audit trail for all maintenance and inspection activities, to help avoid the risk of errors, safety or service level violations and regulatory fines.

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