Asset management product suite

The challenge

A large utility client needed to reduce risk, improve the performance of their reporting, and improve the accuracy of compliance.

Nexient solution

Nexient architected, developed and deployed a web-based tool for managing surveys, monitoring activity, and generating reports for the gas distribution, electric distribution, and transmission and hydro power generation. A service broker was also implemented to interact with existing enterprise back-end systems like SAP, ESRI, GIS, Couchbase, and Ping Federate. Nexient also rapidly developed other proof of concepts to explore any possible opportunities for enhancement.

Saved operational expenses

with on-demand inspection records and auditable compliance through geolocation

Improved data integrity

and cleaned up operational workflows.

Cut the time to inspect assets

taking the process from days to hours.


The application greatly reduces operational expenses for supporting work management (clerks, mappers, schedulers), and improves data integrity and cleans up operational workflows. With on-demand inspection records and auditable compliance through geolocation, there’s no need to call or drive in to get updated maps; the digital maps are updated within 2 minutes of initiating update process. Digitized forms and maps significantly cut the time to inspect assets, limit untimely missed inspections, taking the process from days to hours. Improved field crew safety by implementing customer information on locked gates, access codes, or bad dogs, all at their fingertips.

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