Software Development Case Study

Flex-time: Breaking free of rigid architecture with microservices development

The challenge

Transforming from legacy monolithic to modern cloud-based architecture without leaving customers behind.

A leading workforce management software provider needed greater flexibility in the delivery of services to its customers.

The company was in transition from an on-premise monolithic architecture to a more modern cloud-based microservices platform. In the meantime, though, the firm still had to support its legacy customer base.

Nexient Solution

Innovative microservices based architecture delivers flexibility and visibility.

Nexient’s microservices application development team worked closely with the client in developing multiple APIs and building microservices that could be flexibly deployed for industry specific use cases – for instance, tracking work schedules versus actual hours worked in a manufacturing environment – in both existing and anticipated applications.

The microservices platform solution employed variable throttling to control access to applications based on the extent of need. The Nexient team used the Apache Spark engine for in-memory computations, while establishing an Apache Cassandra cluster to reduce operations from seconds to milliseconds.

Microservices development delivers

smooth transition from legacy to modern architecture

From seconds to milliseconds

in microservice application performance

Modern microservices platform provides

greater visibility with real-time analytics


The microservices application development results demonstrated a cost effective, flexible, and seamless architecture transition.

The new microservices platform developed as a result of Nexient’s software development consulting moved  the client to a microservices architecture and a new, vendor-agnostic cloud infrastructure dramatically reduced operating costs while increasing flexibility. It also made possible the launch of a new native mobile app.

New real-time analytics eliminated the need for manual data collection and analysis by the reporting team, providing the client with immediate, detailed insights for decision making.

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