From prototype to product in 90 days

The challenge, a fast-growing bill payment SaaS company, had a high-quality problem. The company’s in-house developers were fully deployed building their next generation product, when a unique revenue opportunity emerged. If they moved quickly, they could power a white-labeled bill payment feature for QuickBooks Online, one of the leading accounting platforms for small and medium-sized businesses.

Company executives knew they would need a bigger team, but were finding it difficult to hire local talent fast enough.  They also had limited success with previous offshoring experiences. The cost advantage was real, but so were the time and language differences.  Most importantly, the quality of the offshore engineering did not meet expectations.

Nexient Solution

Nexient worked with the client to build an integrated product team, comprised of Nexient developers along with developers, quality engineers and product managers from Ramp-up was quick: within two weeks, the team was deploying code to production.

The Nexient team brought valuable experience in moving from Java server-rendered to client-side rendered pages.  This was the first integration of its kind on QuickBooks’ new platform, so there were rapidly changing requirements.  Nexient supported product owners, providing bridging solutions as the integration framework matured. Because the team was able to accelerate production, the client enjoyed a longer QA window, to ensure robust quality of the first product release.

1 million

new small business customers reached

3 months

from prototype to first product release


of dollars in monthly transactions


The product integration is delivering thousands of monthly signups from new business customers, representing tens of millions in transactions. The Nexient team has been expanded to deliver new feature enhancements and new products.

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