Software Development Case Study

Making a human connection makes all the difference via custom mobile medical app development

The challenge

A health tech company had introduced pioneering new digital medicine technology, but found that patients, doctors and pharmacies needed better support in understanding how to set up mobile medical apps and using the devices.

Nexient Solution

Nexient’s mobile medical app development team created companion medical apps for Android and iOS that enabled patients to make a real-time connection with support agents via medical app features including two-way video and screen sharing. Patients’ in-app requests are automatically routed to the right agents using Salesforce SOS Service Cloud and Omni-Channel Routing integration.

Medical health app provides improved

patient experience

Medical app delivers better

medical adherence

Medical app for doctors and pharmacies

reduces support burden


Since patients can now get real-time support with digital health apps, they’re happier and using the devices correctly. That means better patient health outcomes, reduced support burden for doctors and pharmacies, and fewer broken devices due to incorrect medical care app set-up.

The mobile medical app solution has also generated a knowledge base of common patient questions and answers, to streamline future support incidents for agents.

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