Mobile Payment Case Study

Turning service calls into sales opportunities with custom mobile payment software

The challenge

Legacy payment systems hinder new sales opportunities.

An electronics and appliances retailer wanted to enable field installation technicians to sell ancillary equipment in customers’ homes – turning a service call into an additional sales opportunity. Learn how this was achieved at scale in the below mobile payment case study.

Nexient Solution

Innovative mobile payment solution unlocks new sales opportunities and improved field visibility.

Nexient helped equip the technicians with mobile payment technology tools to offer customers additional products, then complete the transaction during the service call. This included a recommendations engine that enabled technicians to collect associated product SKUs for potential up-sell before arriving at the customer’s home.  For example, a big screen TV might be associated with an HDMI cable.

To complete transactions, Nexient integrated the client’s existing Android devices and field operations app with an external Ingenico card reader interface capable of reading both chip and standard payment cards. The integration entailed complex business logic and process flow mapping, and ultimately allowed verified credit card transactions to be processed correctly in compliance with industry standards.

The solution also enabled the client to track technician movement between work orders by capturing start and stop times and transit times, all integrated with core enterprise systems.

One-stop mobile payment software solution

for customer convenience

New sales opportunities

through on-demand mobile payments

Mobile payment technology provides improved visibility

of service productivity


The mobile payment case study results demonstrated improved convenience for customers and field technicians.

Thanks to Nexient’s software development consulting and development, the company is now driving incremental sales offering a one-stop shopping convenience to customers who appreciate that they can now get all the products and services they need in a single home visit.

The full integrated platform created as a result of Nexient’s software development services has also improved visibility. Supervisors can manage agent productivity, customers receive alerts when the technician is on the way, and call centers have ready insight into anticipated delivery times.

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