Nexient Delivers Unified Digital Voucher System for Gaming Titan

Background: Replacing Disparate Processes with a Universal System

A global entertainment company that offers online digital content needed to streamline its voucher system for company partners.

Voucher or redemption codes for online purchases account for a large portion of annual revenue. Yet the voucher system was outdated and couldn’t keep pace with continued growth each year.

Each global geographic region had its own process for voucher transactions. There were 60 different workflows across 25 applications enabling retailers to sell vouchers to games, which users would redeem to download their games or DLC content. When problems arose along the multiple routes to request vouchers, manual intervention was often required. Plus, every region used its own process and workflow compounding the problem and frustrating gamers impatient to enjoy fresh content. 

Nexient was charged with creating a universal voucher system that would serve as the single place where worldwide company partners could order voucher codes for games published online.

A Need for Consolidation in the Modern Age of Digital Commerce

An emphasis on digital commerce meant the company had to consolidate its processes for giving customers access to content. For example, the company had to figure out the best way to provide additional content when customers purchase games online and also buy physical discs in stores.

“It can get complicated when a physical disc offers a code that can be redeemed online for more content. Game publishers often offer deluxe editions, with custom content that’s not on the basic disc,” a Nexient team leader said.

Nexient’s goal was to help the company more efficiently and securely work with partner businesses around the world to deliver content to gamers. While scoping the project and defining the strategy roadmap, Nexient helped solve the following identified problems:

A Global Solution for Increasing Digital Footprint

“The big objective was to increase the company’s digital footprint securely and efficiently through a Global Voucher Solution,” a Nexient team leader said.

Nexient was well-positioned for success because of its Agile Product mindset and practice of fully integrating itself with a company’s product teams.

“We’re involved with more than just development,” another Nexient team leader said. “We work with a business to understand their processes, systems, and pain points. We work with Product and UX to help define requirements and come up with a robust solution to solve the most complex technical problems. We stand on our own with an established company while providing technical and process guidance.”

In order to replace dozens of workflows and applications with a single tool, Nexient had to create a centralized product catalog, ordering and delivery system.

Business partners can experience a faster ordering process. Delivery times plummeted from five working days to less than 10 minutes. 

Partners could approve orders with a single click when they previously had to manually generate delivery codes after taking an order. There was an 80 percent reduction in manual workflows.

Nexient implemented batch encryption so codes would only be delivered to their intended destination. Nexient also ensured that finance data flowed properly and downstream systems had the data.

Nexient provided the following solutions:

A UI Component Library

Nexient was also asked to complete a UI component library, which was a separate project from the Global Voucher System. The UI component library was an important element. Its goal was to help the company maintain a cohesive global experience across all its applications.

“Previously, all the company’s applications had a different look, feel, and experience,” a Nexient team leader said. “Our teams created a set of common user interface components that provide functionality without the need to import additional libraries.”

Nexient used Storybook to create living documentation and show UX patterns. This allowed UX designers and developers to see how the components worked.

The UI component library helps the company maintain components that are built in isolation, while making it easier to update and reuse components. This speeds up development time because it isn’t necessary to create new components to meet style guidelines.

Project Timeline:

Outcome: The “Nexient Way” Delivers
The client was happy that Nexient was able to deliver the following results:

The Nexient project team grew from nine to 29 members as the video game company continued to expand Nexient’s remit. 

“We’ve had four extensions and three expansions so far,” a Nexient team leader said. “Now they want us to work on different projects in other areas of their company. Our first project with the digital content ordering, delivering and management system was such a success that they trust us to handle more of their key initiatives and big projects.”

One member of the Nexient team played the company’s original home video game console as a child. “

I don't play on that platform anymore, but it's really interesting to be working on projects that have a real-world impact on the people who use today’s platform,” the Nexient team leader said.

Another Nexient team leader described a three-year journey with the client using the “Nexient way.”

“We started with building the foundational work from the ground up, to hitting all the different milestones,” the Nexient team leader said. “It's been a steady, stable, and consistent engagement. And I know we have a very happy client.”

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