HealthTech Application Development Case Study

Mobile health app development for a superior consumer experience

The challenge

Reaping the benefits of mobile health apps depends on the usability of the app.

A Fortune 50 health and consumer products company wanted to upgrade its branded consumer health app assessments, with the goal of creating a superior interactive mobile health app experience—regardless of the customer’s choice of device.

Nexient Solution

Innovative mobile health app development enables upgraded user experience.

The consumer health app provides personalized coaching for members and patients to improve their health through step-by-step goals, progress tracking, reminders and encouragement in their specific areas of concern.

Nexient’s front-end specialists designed a modern interface with a more responsive user experience and architecture. Using Agile methodologies, Nexient coordinated multiple health app development teams and third-party vendors working on the solution simultaneously.

Consumer health app engagement

with personalized coaching and gamification

Health app branding flexibility

with white-label responsive design

Health app development delivering a seamless transition

from legacy to modern architecture


The mobile health app development results demonstrated a seamless upgrade to the consumer health app assessments and an overall improved customer experience.

Thanks to Nexient’s software development consulting and development, the client’s new responsive platform was delivered ahead of schedule. With a fresh look and feel, the new platform still retained the full feature set of the decade-old legacy system and was backward compatible, allowing for a smooth and seamless transition for its enterprise clients. Nexient’s mobile health app development team continues to support and enhance the product.

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