Turning more cards into cash

The challenge

An e-commerce retailer needed to upgrade the customer experience of its gift card marketplace. Its website didn’t cater well for mobile devices, and aging technology left the site prone to crashes.

Nexient Solution

Nexient rearchitected the website to create a more modern, mobile-first experience aligned to the client’s new service-oriented architecture. The new responsive design not only supports any device, it also offers multi-language support and meets ADA accessibility standards. Nexient also provides ongoing enhancements and support, such as onboarding new merchant partners.

Nexient helped the client upgrade an internally developed mobile app to take advantage of native capabilities such as barcode scanning

One-stop mobile payment software solution

for customer convenience

New sales opportunities

through on-demand mobile payments

Mobile payment technology provides improved visibility

of service productivity


The new digital products are stable, attractive and driving significantly higher conversion: 31% higher in the last year for the website, and 51% for the mobile platform.

The client’s mobile app—which had been receiving mixed user feedback—has more than doubled its rating in the app store.  It is now among the highest rated in its category, with a corresponding increase in revenue.

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