Relevance and agility at the speed of next

We get it. Under pressure to tighten the bottom line and sweat capital assets, financial services firms were the earliest and most aggressive adopters of offshore development. So why do so many of them see the value of Nexient’s 100% US-based, 100% Agile software services?

Here’s what they tell us:

“I need speed”

Nexient teams work when your teams work, collaborating throughout the day to ensure that they’re on the same page. The shortest distance to a cost-effective solution is “first time right.”

“I need relevance”

The challenge of creating meaningful digital experiences for a country or even an industry you’ve never personally worked and lived in is real. Nexient people draw from real-world experience from fintech, banking, payments, wealth, capital markets and insurance, and bring insights on what’s new and next from other industries as well.

“I need agility in the face of uncertainty”

Quite frankly, when you’re charged with creating the Next Big Thing, you probably aren’t going to arrive with a checklist of every requirement. Nexient’s Agile, Product-minded methodology and applied innovation lend a rapid, pragmatic and yet open-minded approach to help you re-imagine your nextgen systems and experiences, and to iterate as market forces evolve.

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