Disruption much?

Banking and financial services. Retail. Media and communications. Healthcare and medical products. Hotels and rental cars.

Wildly different, these industries actually have a few things in common:

  1. They are all facing significant disruption– often from non-traditional competitors
  2. For each, technology holds the best potential to be their game-changing differentiator
  3. One or more of the top ten US brands in each category relies on Nexient to help them with software-driven innovation

Why do these Fortune 500 companies, and many fast-growing companies aspiring to break into those ranks, come to Nexient? After all, they already have strong internal IT teams. They also use the big international technology consulting firms for the projects where that makes sense.

But when they’re looking to kick off or accelerate next-gen programs, working here in the US with speed, Agility and perhaps a degree of uncertainty, Nexient is a go-to partner.

Ps. Don’t see your industry or relevant example listed here? Talk to us – we’ve saved some of our best stuff for one-on-one conversations!

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