Deliver a customer experience that remains one of the few differentiators in the Travel and Hospitality industry

Travel & Hospitality

Consumers of travel and hospitality services have more choice, and tremendous power. Like the retail industry, travel and hospitality is also being transformed by consumers that shop anytime, anywhere, compare prices and get feedback about services in an instant.  In this environment, leading T&H providers turn to Nexient for help in evolving their technology strategies to leverage new tools including open source, social, and mobile platforms to create the kind of experience customers rave about.

It is a challenge for enterprises in the travel and hospitality industry to facilitate the kind of customer experience that the online giants can, while still retaining operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness. For most independent enterprises, achieving that brass ring requires heavy customization of enterprise software, or custom development, both of which can be incredibly expensive and time-consuming.

Facing the need to dramatically reduce the cost of new technology systems, T&H enterprises turn to Nexient to get the automation platforms they need to both deliver an outstanding customer engagement and optimize business processes. With these new platforms, travel and hospitality providers are able to:

  • Make the online experience a powerful driver of customer satisfaction and increased revenue
  • Integrate the social channel to boost sales closure and accelerate feedback
  • Integrate the intranet and extranet to facilitate automated, real-time system updates
  • Leverage reporting and analytics to enable better decision-making

With Nexient, some of America’s leading independent travel and hospitality providers have established core technology foundations that are reliable, scalable, and extensible. In doing so, they have facilitated the kinds of experiences that consumers rave about – and solidified their competitive advantage. See how you can, too.