Envisioning the future and knowing

the next steps to execute to it


Nexient is Applied Innovation.

While most companies think of innovation in esoteric and unattainable terms, Nexient’s investment in innovation is both pragmatic as well as forward looking. We create innovative solutions that can solve real, intractable problems, and we develop the execution plans to get it executed. Step by next step. This is our approach to innovation.

The philosophy of Applied Innovation stands out in everything we do. In fact the Onshore operating model was our first investment in Applied Innovation. At a time when the US was losing millions of jobs each month, and enterprises had already outsourced millions of jobs overseas, the executive team at Nexient developed a forward looking vision for competing with global sourcing, and defined the execution steps to building large, centralized, US mid-west delivery locations that could then be leveraged to drive a very effective, contextually relevant, software development environment.

Areas of Innovation Focus

Nexient’s Applied Innovation strategy is housed within Silicon Valley Nexient Labs, which invests in co-developing innovative solutions with customers and partners, primarily around six key areas:

We innovate continuously and invest in partnerships that increases our value to our customers.

Our Silicon Valley Innovation hub enables us to be plugged into the valley’s venture capital industry ecosystem, have access to technology experts, and partner with cutting edge startups to build technology frameworks for service acceleration and new technology solutions for old problems.

These programs and partnerships provide our clients with access to the very best in applied innovation. Great web and cloud-based platforms combined with Nexient’s development, deployment and integration services expertise drive faster time to value, business flexibility, and effectively leverage innovation that works.

We also maintain a Technology Consulting group that brings technology transformation expertise to clients.


Some of the companies we’ve invested in building solutions around, include:

Microsoft Partner

Nexient is using Microsoft .NET with its ASP .NET development framework as a technology for web application development. Microsoft is a key partner in allowing us to rapidly build custom business applications that enable key business processes.

Cloud Infrastructure Solutions

As businesses begin to aggressively deploy cloud infrastructure, there is an increasing demand for cloud-cloud and cloud-ground integration solutions. Nexient has partnered with SnapLogic, to build pre-defined, point-point integrations for a variety of leading SaaS and cloud-based technology assets.

Web Application Development

Nexient is a leading onshore web-application development company working with key open source development tools like Java J2EE, PHP, Flex and Ruby on Rails. The Zend application development framework for PHP is a key partnership and allows us to very quickly build complex PHP web applications that support a variety of dynamic eCommerce solutions.

Digital Media and Retail Solutions

Publishing, media, retail and telecom companies recognize the next wave of led by digital content distribution and consumption. Working with Jaman Networks, Nexient has built a platform for digital content management integrated with recommendation and discovery tools.

SaaS Software Development

SaaS applications can dramatically reduce the cost of acquiring and deploying software assets. In order to bring the value of SaaS delivery to bespoke applications, Nexient has created a PaaS solution, built in partnership with Zephyr, to design and build custom SaaS applications.

Location-Based Shopper Media

Spotzot is an innovative Silicon Valley technology company that helps retailers, e-tailers and product brands reach mobile shoppers with contextually relevant advertising that matches their location and shopping interest. Nexient’s Retail Technology Solutions leverage Spotzot for its customers to improve traffic to physical and e-commerce stores.

A Business Management System for Modern IT Leaders

Apptio is the leading provider of Technology Business Management (TBM) SaaS applications designed to manage IT like a true business function. Nexient’s Technology Business Management (TBM) consultant provide CIOs with processes and tools to manage the cost, impact, and demands for IT services.

Leading software platform for real-time Operational Intelligence

Splunk provides the leading software platform for real-time Operational Intelligence. Splunk software and cloud services enable organizations to search, monitor, analyze and visualize machine-generated big data coming from websites, applications, servers, networks, sensors and mobile devices.