Donning a new cape with our partners - Nexus 2020 [Virtual]



Reflecting on years past:

For the last 4 years, our team has invited industry leading clients from across the nation to meet in Northern California’s wine country for an annual business summit. Derivative from our name, “Nexus” has been a forum for debate, forward thinking, and discussion – All of which has been be centered around product and our company’s core tenets. The added benefit is that we’re able to celebrate the partners who share this belief system, and we can break bread about the path-forward in the coming year, together.  

Nexus has been a cornerstone in how we shape the Nexient belief system to, 1.) Show solidarity with our clients through any storm 2.) Show our commitment of our deep investment into the success of our clients and 3.) Show appreciation for those who are practitioners of the pillars we’ve built our business with – our clients and partners.

A change in direction:

We always design software in the service of people. Whether it be our experience design, or the events we host, the human is the center of it all. Were it any normal year, we’d be hosting this all-important face-to-face summit in person... because it’s those connections, face to face, that make our clients and partners succeed.  

It goes without saying, this year has shifted the priorities and changed the landscape of opportunity for all of us, and some aspects of how we normally conduct business... Down to the way we catch up, ideate, and lead... While we can’t occupy the same space together like years past, we still want to maintain our commitment to face-to-face engagement with the people we otherwise don’t get to sit down with as much as we’d like.  And it didn’t feel right skipping an event altogether.  

Similar yet different:  

We decided, even though we were quickly approaching the new year, that in lieu of an in-person meeting in wine country, Nexient would put together a half-day, virtual event... And yes, we’re still incorporating wine with this event. (To be clear, this is NOT a zoom call. It’s a virtual experience that you’ll feel as engaged as ever in.)

“Nexus 2020 - Product Practitioners: The New Superheroes” celebrates the many successes of the product leaders which Nexient partners with to push forward, along with those specific practitioners who are actively advancing the mindset by living it in their everyday duties...  These are the superheroes we like to call the product practitioners.  

These product practitioners are the new superheroes emerging in the altered business landscapes... unrelenting in their pursuit to innovate against all odds... They are actively elevating the product pipeline to its rightful place alongside the best business methodologies in 2021.

Nexus 2020 is hosted on a world-class virtual platform, and utilizes networking sessions and panels ranging from high-impact customer stories to a hard-hitting keynote presentation by a nationally recognized leader who lives and breathes our shared ideologies every single day. While we wish all of our partners could attend, we are being extremely intentional about the individuals engaged in the event. Please click below to apply for a seat at this event... With only a few seats left, we’re eager to share our vision for 2021, and how partners like you will help us realize it.

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