Great product idea but no time? Nexient’s Rapid Product Validation service has you covered



Ever had a good product idea you didn’t have the time or resources to get to? Revenue opportunities you couldn’t seize quickly? Processes that should be automated products if only there was the bandwidth? With our Rapid Product Validation (RPV) service, we apply our development expertise to get early-stage product concepts off the ground, tested, and ready to scale. More innovation, fewer wasted opportunities.

If you’re a current or prospective product owner looking to get more from your product development cycles, below are five ways Nexient’s Rapid Product Validation can deliver crystal clear business value for your product concepts: 

We do the research so that you can prove ROI

Sometimes, pitching a product can be difficult if you have an unfocused value proposition. RPV provides market research and analysis to position your product to present the idea to decision-makers clearly. 

Let’s combat risk aversion together

Large companies can be risk-averse. To fight this, you must be precise in your concept vision. Let us help make a case for your concept, build the model, and even visualize the product, so it’s hard to pass up. 

We fill in resource gaps

Product exploration and prototyping require varying skills and, above all, time. We will provide you with a team on tap with the skills and track record in product development. Move from ‘can we do this?’ to ‘should we do this?’

We help build internal champions

Visualizing the concept is a good first step, but building a prototype is far better for winning support from internal stakeholders. Gather feedback quickly from an MVP version of the product. It builds confidence, shared understanding, and a vital path forward. Alternatively, you can quickly decide it’s not a winner and refocus on other ideas.

We can get it from concept to output in 6-8 weeks 

We know companies can be slow in developing products. This raises the bar for future products since they become such an undertaking. Even good ideas can be crushed under the weight (or wait, rather). Show your organization that your “good idea” can materialize into a stack of valuable product outputs, including user-centric interfaces, in just 6-8 weeks. Then, once complete, we’ll show your team how to wield the team velocity and product momentum needed for continued success.

To get started, we ask all product owners two simple yet strategic questions. To answer these questions about your own organization, follow this link and click on the video. Or, discover why big brands come to us to push product boundaries and go to market faster by scheduling a call with a Nexient expert to learn more about how Rapid Product Validation can help your product concept succeed.

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