Nexient Delivers Unified Digital Voucher System for Gaming Titan



Below is a summary of our most recent case study on helping a global video game company efficiently deliver digital content. To jump right into the full story, click here.

A global entertainment company that offers online digital content needed to streamline its voucher system for company partners.

Nexient was charged with creating a universal voucher system that would serve as the single place where worldwide company partners could order voucher codes for games published online.


The company’s existing voucher system was outdated and couldn’t keep pace with continued growth each year. Nexient was able to replace 60 different workflows across 25 applications with one tool. Automation played a key role. 

Delivery times plummeted from five working days to less than 10 minutes. There was an 80 percent reduction in manual workflows.


The company was delighted with the Nexient team and the resulting streamlined system.

The Nexient project team grew from nine to 29 members as the video game company continued to expand Nexient’s remit. 

“We’ve had four extensions and three expansions so far,” a Nexient team leader said. “Now they want us to work on different projects in other areas of their company. Our first project with the digital content ordering, delivering and management system was such a success that they trust us to handle more of their key initiatives and big projects.”

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