September 28, 2021

Nexient & NTT DATA – HFS Offers Perspective In Their Latest Report


Steve Peele II

In June, we announced the acquisition of Nexient by NTT DATA; a top 6 global IT services provider that is a category leader and innovator for all of the customers that they serve. With a global footprint, expertise across several disciplines and a talent pool that’s able to take on some of the industry’s biggest challenges, they were a perfect place for us to call home as we take the next step in our company’s journey.

Bringing our US-based, product-minded development experience to their portfolio of offerings unlocks additional opportunities for all of their clients, and bolsters our ability to continue delivering exceptional experiences to everyone we serve. 

The news was so big that industry leaders have taken notice.Most recently, HFS released a comprehensive report on what the new partnership means to the industry, the path forward as they see it and ways that the competitive landscape has changed.

As we continue to align closer to the NTT DATA offerings and integrate with the work that they are doing at a global level, we’d love for you to hear what HFS thinks in their latest report by downloading it here.

We’re excited about the future and what this new partnership means to the industry at large. If you have questions on how this specifically enhances our capabilities, feel free to contact us.

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