Webinar Recap: What Not To Do When Onboarding Your Customer



“A poor onboarding experience is hard to come back from and is the fastest way to lose a customer,” says Paul Phillip, founder and CEO of Amity.

Onboarding customers can be a tricky process for product teams. The iconic Field of Dreams saying “if you build it, they will come” often works in other facets of business, but in the marketplace, great product management isn’t that simple.

While the excitement of launching a new product is tangible, success indicators like customer churn, product usability, and customer engagement can quickly become an issue when new software is created and released into the marketplace without proper onboarding.

Find out what many organizations get wrong when onboarding a customer from Nexient’s Sr. Product Director and Product Management Practice Lead, Jamie Bernard, in her latest webinar, “What Not To Do When Onboarding a Customer” in Product Management Today.

In this webinar, Jamie brings her 20+ years of product management expertise to share her tried and tested tactics, including:

  • Good customer onboarding - the elements, ways to approach things with B2B customers, and how to find and create onboarding champions within a customer organization
  • Simplifying the onboarding experience - by using real-life examples of successful product onboarding strategies, as well as highlighting bad onboarding practices
  • How to pivot when onboarding doesn’t go as planned - learn more about “no-regrets” pivot signals from customers and how to remain nimble

Listen now, and learn more about Jamie’s “onboarding litmus test” that aims to bring customers back again and again, create new business referrals from those customers and finally, convert trial users to subscribers. 

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