Cristin Balog

Chief Marketing Officer

Cristin Balog

Chief Marketing Officer


San Francisco

First Job

Reporter on Kidswatch, a TV news show for kids


History and Literature at Yale and UC Berkeley

Has Lived

California, New York, Connecticut, Canada, Italy, Australia


Cristin has been building technology brands for more than 20 years. She has worked with global firms such as Morgan Stanley, Infosys, Microsoft, and Yahoo!, as well as startups and mid-market companies on three continents.

She joined Nexient after eight years at Infosys, where she headed Americas marketing and previously helped grow the company’s Asia Pacific footprint six-fold.

Beyond Work

Cristin is a big believer in increasing diversity in technology and hacking for humanity, and was a founding member of the Random Hacks of Kindness chapter in Australia. In her spare time, she is a political junkie who has watched too many reruns of West Wing.

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