Sydney Dugan

Client Partner

Sydney Dugan

Client Partner


Scottsdale, AZ

First Job

Distributing promotional flyers on cars


Supply chain management at Arizona State, international management at Portland State (masters degree). Also studied at Oxford University and Feng Jia University.

Has Lived

Texas, Arizona, Oregon, England, Taiwan 


Sydney has nearly 20 years’ experience in technology leadership and consulting. Her ability to inspire and co-create organizational transformation has earned her a strong track record with Fortune 500 clients. She brings particular expertise in the Salesforce ecosystem, having led over 25 initiatives across nine industries and five continents with 98% on-time, on-budget delivery. Sydney is also a seasoned product and program manager, certified in Agile, PMP and development.

Beyond Work

An avid nature enthusiast and traveler, Sydney has visited 13 countries in the past two years alone. When she can, she combines the two passions, as in her 150-mile Camino trek from Portugal to Spain. She is experienced in acupuncture, herbology and life coaching.

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