Revitalize your software with legacy modernization

“We just crossed our fingers and prayed,” said one technology executive describing the dread his team faced every time they needed to push out an update to their legacy billing system. “It was old, it didn’t deliver what we needed and it was incredibly fragile.” That company came to Nexient for assistance in [re-architecting and upgrading] the software.

If you have core systems that haven’t kept pace with your business, chances are they are inhibiting speed to market and consuming a disproportionate amount of money, time and staff bandwidth to maintain. Nexient experts can help.

Upgrade your software to get the speed, reliability and flexibility your business demands

  • Get flexible: Redesign your software so that it’s built for change with modular and service-based architecture
  • Get to market faster: Increase the speed and cost-effectiveness of your infrastructure and development by tapping cloud and automation capabilities
  • Get responsive: Improve visual appeal, user engagement and mobile experience with UX modernization
  • Get control: Unlock the potential of your current maintenance budgets to invest in innovation and new capabilities
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