Accelerate Business Outcomes with the New Product Development Process

The New Product Development Process Guide - An End-to-End Blueprint for Transforming Product Development in any organization.

With 75% of venture-backed startups set to fail and 50% of S&P 500 companies expected to be replaced in 10 years, we’re all feeling the heat to improve our speed and agility in the face of booming competition. In our quick guide, Mastering the New End-to-End Process to Transform Product Development, you’ll learn how to implement Product Pipelines to achieve outsized market success.

  • How using product pipelines and consumer adoption intersect
  • A case study on new product development process using Netflix and Tesla
  • Applying the commercialization process of product development to existing products or groups of products
  • A step-by-step explainer on the phases of new product development process, from concept testing to market research to large scale product extension

About This Guide:
These insights, as well as the associated initiatives of Product Pipelines, Maturity Assessment Processes, concept development, product development and product life cycle, have been developed leveraging relevant Nexient experience and sources, including:

  • Feedback from CIOs and executive leaders at top American brands on business-critical product challenges and priorities
  • Feedback from teams in product design, marketing strategy and product management
  • Relationships with software vendors and end users
  • Research from analysts such as Gartner on related product development and lifecycle management topics
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