We knew there had to be a better way…

Sometimes you need to be part of a problem to know how to fix it.

The founders of Nexient had decades of experience with the technology offshoring and outsourcing

So they understood the power of outsourcing: centralized groups of versatile engineers who could
supplement in-house teams to accelerate and scale technology initiatives.

But they also understood some inherent flaws of the offshoring model, even beyond the communication, culture and time zone gaps that everyone acknowledges.

Offshoring remains an important plank in most enterprise sourcing strategies, but there are times when a US-based team makes all the difference. This is particularly true when speed-to-market is critical, or in complex innovation initiatives where the ‘right’ answer isn’t clear up front.

They saw an opportunity. What if we could offer the affordable scalability of outsourcing, but inject
the innovation, speed and agility of a Silicon Valley startup?

Thus Nexient (originally known as Systems in Motion) was launched in 2010. Today, we’re the only 100% US tech firm listed among the top 100 outsourcers in the world.

We’ve developed a unique approach that helps Fortune 500 companies and fast-growing tech firms alike build What’s Next.

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