NTT DATA's Partner Proposition

Our Values

NTT DATA is a global company steeped in Japanese heritage. We take a long-term view toward success and seek to build trust-based client relationships. For us, working together successfully with a client means embodying the values we esteem and seek to share with the world.
NTT DATA Digital
Technology is rapidly changing the way we do everything—at work, home, and everywhere in-between. At NTT DATA, we believe that five digital drivers motivate digitization. We’ve also identified six pillars of technology—or digital focus areas—essential to addressing your most pressing challenges and the acceleration of your digital journey.
Data Science/Artificial Intelligence
Customer Journey and Insights
Security and Compliance
Accelerated Product Development
Strategic Partnerships
Vision: Reimagine Engagement
Vision: Sales & Service
Digital-First Launch
Digital Transformation
Quality and Speed
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