What’s Next.

While others defend ground already covered and stake land already claimed, we press on to the frontiers of What’s Next.

In fact, we built our company expressly to answer the question What’s Next?

Software technology is accelerating the pace of change across all industries. At Nexient, we always look to the future. It’s written in our name and coded in our DNA: next. Ambitious and forward-leaning, we challenge ourselves, the status quo and our clients. In an IT consulting industry characterized by large, lumbering giants or low-cost, low-efficiency offshore shops, we embrace Agile thinking, speed-to-market and price performance to continuously deliver software people love to use.

Our ideas are firmly based in the need to execute creatively, efficiently and quickly. This is the science of applied innovation, inventive thinking made real. The future isn’t here until we harness it. We reach for What’s Next.

Systems in Motion is now Nexient

Nexient delivers software that people love to use

Nexient is the new name for Systems in Motion