Nexient helps companies be more responsive to their market

Nexient is the largest domestic pure-play technology services provider, with core strength in Agile software development and transformation at scale. With four delivery centers in the US, we architect and build solutions that combine Agile expertise with Silicon Valley innovation to help our clients be more responsive to their market.

We are experts in Agile Software Development

Our application development practice has been built on Agile methodologies from our company’s inception in 2010, making us expert practitioners in distributed Agile methodologies.

Our Onshore delivery centers provide mature and scalable Agile development teams.

Our Integrated Agile transformation and delivery framework helps enterprises adopt Agile methodology, along with Agile mentors and coaches to ensure speed and completeness of the transformation.

Our Onshore Delivery Strategy pledges high productivity at unbeatable value

Nexient’s Onshore Delivery Centers in the US mid-west, coupled with our Silicon Valley Innovation Hub collaborate closely with our customers during their normal business day to accelerate new solutions to market.

Our onshore “Diamond” model achieves the right balance of cost-performance, agility and business-alignment to deliver next generation solutions to our clients quickly.

Applied Innovation is in our DNA

While most companies think of innovation in esoteric terms, Nexient’s investment in innovation is both pragmatic as well as forward thinking. We create innovative solutions that can solve real, intractable problems and we help our clients architect and build those solutions.

Our Innovation Center in Silicon Valley works with a number of innovative technology companies across the breadth of web application development, digital transformation, mobility, test automation and analytics. This allows Nexient to deliver cutting edge solutions and services in these areas to our clients.

Our Service Delivery Processes invest in client results

The Nexient development approach drives several benefits for clients, especially alignment across the team to the long-term vision of the client. The delivery process accounts for transparency on progress towards the end goal, with software engineering best practices and high quality standards.

We also understand that most IT organizations struggle to communicate the value IT delivers. To address this need with our clients, Nexient has invested in building a Technology Business Management practice that can help you understand your IT spend and optimize the tradeoffs between cost, consumption and quality.

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