Can constant change spark competitive advantage?

‘Product Mindset’ companies will outpace their competition in customer satisfaction and business results, say analysts

A few decades ago, business moved slower. Organizations communicated through memos, printed on paper and distributed to physical in-boxes. Reports took days, research lasted months and software development often involved years.

This heavy time investment meant any significant new project also carried high costs and risk. That’s why enterprises developed a methodical, lengthy approach to requirements definition, development, testing and deployment. Such tightly defined requirements and phases made it easier to shift work offshore to further reduce costs.

Rather than being derailed by the swift pace of business change, the Product Mindset embraces it.

Value creation



IT Mindset


Cost savings,
risk mitigation

Build the thing right
Failure is expensive

Technical competency experts

Product Mindset


Revenue, profit,
customer experience

Build the right thing
Fail fast, learn fast

“T-Shaped” Technology Athletes

There were numerous challenges with this model, but the biggest may have been that while development plodded along, business needs inconveniently changed.

Today, you’re probably finding you simply can’t afford to move that slowly. Your industry may be disrupted by new players; your customers have dramatically increased and rapidly evolving expectations. Organizations are constantly reinventing themselves – or perishing.

Introducing the Product Mindset

Nexient is a 100% US software services company that specializes in helping organizations adopt and succeed with a different approach, one we call the “Product Mindset”.

As the name implies, the Product Mindset is a rapidly emerging methodology that borrows strategies from product management to improve agility, speed-to-market and customer experience. Rather than being derailed by the swift pace of business change, the Product Mindset embraces it.

The Product Mindset is fueled in part by strong ownership and empowerment of small teams of cross-functional collaborators – creating a workplace culture that may be equally appealing to older workers as for Millennials.

Better yet, analysts predict that companies adopting the Product Mindset will outpace their competitors in customer satisfaction and business results.

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