Beyond bug hunting

Many of us remember a time when testing (we called it “QA” back then) was about hunting down software bugs and scrambling to finish that last, inevitably crunched mile of the software development lifecycle.

The world has moved on, and so has quality engineering. Today, Nexient “testers” are highly skilled automation engineers. Most testing now happens first, before a single line of code is written, and then continues as part of an integrated, intelligent and iterative development process.

If you’re looking for ways to accelerate and improve quality engineering in your business, Nexient experts can help.

Protect your software investment with Nexient quality engineering

  • Get automated: We develop proprietary techniques and harness the latest commercial and open source automation tools to reduce the effort, cost and defects of front-end, back-end and API development
  • Get mobile: Our mobility innovation lab is on top of the trends in mobility and will analyze your logs and target markets, enabling us to design the right performance, function and usability test cases for your project in a multi-device world
  • Get contextual: Nexient 100% US-based quality engineers are selected not only for their expertise in testing, but also for industry domain experience. This gives them the context to understand and evaluate your software effectively .
  • Get strategic: Our consultants can help you balance risk, compliance, business and technology imperatives in your quality engineering strategy, assess tools and processes, and refine overall program management and governance approaches
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