Connecting in an omnichannel world

In a notoriously margin-sensitive industry, you might wonder: why do so many top retailers and fast-growing e-commerce companies partner with a 100% US software services company like Nexient? Wouldn’t it make more economic sense to use offshore development?

Actually, retailers have been among our earliest and most enthusiastic adopters, telling us:

“It’s about speed”: Being able to experiment, iterate and quickly launch to market is essential in this fast-paced sector. Nexient’s Agile, Product-minded approach and applied innovation help retailers rapidly understand what’s working and what’s coming, and respond quickly.

Racing to hit a deadline? Nexient teams seamlessly blend with your team and accelerate your development.


“You live in our world”: Nexient people live, work and shop where your customers do. In fact, some probably ARE your customers. That gives them an immediate leg up in helping you develop compelling digital experiences. They also work in your time zone, enabling real-time collaboration throughout the day.


“Technology with a soul”: From iBeacons to chatbots, retail tech changes almost as fast as fashion trends. But the coolest technology won’t make a difference unless it helps you build the emotional connections that drive insight and loyalty. Nexient experts bring experience in a wide range of the latest retail technologies, and the empathy and insights to make them resonant and relevant.

Here are a few ways we can help:

  • Data management and analytics: Turn real-time information into insight with analysis of cross-channel promotions, customer behavior and loyalty, segmentation and lifetime value, social sentiment and loss prevention.
  • Marketing and sales: Acquire new customers and build lifetime value with mobile apps, search engine optimization, price comparisons and price management, CRM and loyalty programs, promotion planning and execution.
  • Merchandising: Connect the right product with the right customer at the right time, using category planning, allocation and optimization, dynamic pricing, product recommendations, competitive price matching, vendor & co-op promotion management.
  • Omnichannel: Provide customers with a consistent experience across every touchpoint with, leveraging consolidated virtual inventory visibility, omni-channel fulfillment, mobile & ecommerce applications, consolidated customer order management, online interactive customer care and master data management.
  • Supply chain: Gain visibility and efficiency with forecasting and management tools for vendors, inventory, depot and transportation.
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