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Agile Software Development

Software Development is undergoing a major transformation. The market is demanding better and innovative software in increasingly shorter cycles. This demand is driving companies to focus on building software products that are easy to use, and more responsive to the market. Fierce industry competition is often won or lost based on time-to-market and technology innovation.

Nexient provides enterprises, with scalable software services and solutions that are highly collaborative and agile, while being cost-effective. Nexient is the largest pure-play agile onshore software development company with a unique delivery model that drives efficiency, business alignment and high productivity. 95% of Nexient’s software projects use Agile methodologies, which has resulted in mature Agile software development expertise in our lean delivery centers.

At Nexient, we have also created the Nexient Delivery process based on project delivery frameworks and processes that allow us to focus on delivering the right solution at the right time.

Since its inception, Nexient has used Agile development practices to ensure excellence in software delivery. After working and witnessing success with our Agile delivery teams, our Clients requested Nexient to help them adopt an Agile methodology. To respond to this demand, Nexient has created an Agile transformation practice to help our clients who are looking to move from traditional software development practices to Agile.

Why Nexient For Agile Software Development

Agile Onshore Delivery Centers
Our seasoned professionals with deep experience in Agile Best Practices collaboratively lead our clients through the development process
Next Generation Application Development
Our strength is in designing and building enterprise applications for the future that are both scalable and easy to maintain
Agile Transformation Practice
A new enterprise-class, integrated Agile transformation framework that can handle any level of adoption
Commitment To Building Intuitive Software
We design user friendly interfaces that enhance customer experience

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