Design & Development

Once, software development was a long and linear exercise, beginning with months (or even years) of requirements gathering, proceeding to months (often years) of coding, testing and deployment.

But the world moves faster than that. Your business needs to move faster than that.

Our goal is to launch your  minimum viable product (MVP) as quickly as possible for three reasons:

  1. Getting your product out to market can help fend off your competitors
  2. There is no faster way to learn what’s important to your current and potential users, and turn that education into rapid product improvements
  3. The sooner you get a business return on your technology investment, the faster you can validate or refine assumptions and fuel future development with confidence.


  • Digital products and applications
    Software that people love to use

  • Integration and platforms
    Extend the value of your product
  • Core technologies
    We work with the stacks and tools you trust
  • Quality engineering
    It starts before we write a line of code
  • Artificial intelligence
    Automatically understand and respond to the data that drives your business

Experience design

  • Creative services
    Bringing your brand to digital life
  • Digital accessibility
    Let your users be unlimited
  • User experience
    Empathize, anticipate and delight

Product Teams on Tap℠

Nexient’s Product Teams on Tap are designed to help you accelerate to market with a nimble, collaborative and integrated process. Depending on your requirements, we can generally stand up a team within a week or two.

These are small, highly interactive cross-functional teams – typically comprising visual and user experience (UX) designers and analysts, developers, quality engineers and product managers. Each contribution is vital. Each team member has a stake in delivering a software product that people love to use and that delivers clear business outcomes. You may already have a clearly defined product plan; if not, we can help you build or refine your strategy.

From there, your product will start taking shape with mood boards, UI mockups and rapid prototyping. Sharing these ideas in the early days of development enables us to make quick, inexpensive adjustments based on user and stakeholder feedback.

You can expect daily contact with the team, and working product increments in as little as two weeks.