Product Operations

Quickly increase and sustain product value

Software product operations is where the rubber meets the road. Building a product that delivers on critical business needs is only the beginning of Nexient’s software development services.   

You can’t get maximum value until your product is in production and performing as promised. Nexient’s product operations experts will help get your product off to a fast start with frictionless development rooted in the agile methodology, and make sure it continues to deliver, years after launch through ongoing performance monitoring and additional cloud services integrations.

We recognize that a product is never “done.” There is always room for improvement and expansion. You must always be ready to adapt quickly to get ahead of evolving business demands and emerging market opportunity.  
Nexient will stand by you through your product’s lifecycle, ensuring you realize its full potential by providing diverse and flexible DevOps consulting services.


For your new products to be successful long term, comprehensive product operations such as deployment to production, support engineering solutions (application performance monitoring, troubleshooting, and analytics), and cloud services support are a must-have. Nexient stands out against other software development firms due to our proven track record of ensuring product success beyond initial development and has even been recognized in Gartner’s Market Guide for Agile and DevOps Services.  

Agile DevOps

Accelerate your team’s Agile DevOps adoption and performance with our proven DevOps consulting

Support engineering

Protect your investment with ongoing monitoring, analytics, troubleshooting and rapid issue resolution

Cloud management services

Tap our expertise with Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Pivotal Cloud Foundry and others to manage and optimize your cloud infrastructure.