Quality Engineering is not about testing to find bugs,

it’s about building a better product

Quality Engineering

Nexient’s Quality Engineering practice helps our clients build better products while managing risk across the entire software development life cycle. We have helped numerous Fortune 1000 companies shift to outcome based testing models through our unique approach.

First, we use our proprietary methodology to assess real business and technology risk so we are sure we are testing what needs to be tested, and no more. We then combine the power of agile testing with maximizing test automation to increase effectiveness and efficiency of the process across the software development cycle.

Nexient’s Quality Engineers have decades of experience running large QE projects and organizations. In addition, we hire people with domain knowledge in our core industries to ensure they have the contextual understanding that is so critical in optimizing testing.

Why Nexient For Quality Engineering?

QE as Risk Management
Assess real business and technology risk so we test only what needs to be tested and nothing more.
Maximizing Test Automation
Diligent focus on maximizing test automation to increase effectiveness and productivity of testing process.
Contextual Understanding Through Deep Domain Knowledge
Hire people with industry knowledge to ensure contextual understanding so critical in optimizing testing.
Decades of Experience Running Large QE Groups
Our diamond delivery model ensures you have experienced resources while balancing cost and performance.


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