Accelerate to market with Nexient product engineering

Software companies use to compete with each other for the best products, technology platforms and access to top talent with the latest skill sets. Today, they compete with everyone.

“The level of engineering talent that Nexient has consistently provided, I’ve just not seen before. These people get up to speed quickly, they’re productive, they ask great questions – it’s really impressive.”

– Director of product engineering

That’s why so many software and technology product companies partner with Nexient to supplement their existing teams, or take on entire development programs working in tight collaboration with their product managers.

About a third of our clients come from the tech sector. Many are responsible for the leading software product in their category. All are serious about getting to market faster and smarter.

Nexient offers:

  • 100% US, 100% Agile product engineering teams available to collaborate with your teams in real time
  • A track record as “a new age software product engineering service provider,” helping ISVs make the transition to the as-a-service economy
  • Expertise in emerging and niche technologies, including machine learning, SaaS delivery models and the latest UI frameworks
  • Deep experience in both fast-paced product engineering environments, as well as enterprise-grade software development meeting the highest security and regulatory compliance standards
  • Silicon Valley quality talent, with lower cost delivery from our Michigan and Indiana based development centers, optimizing your staffing model to get products to market faster and more profitably
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