Suresh Menon

Born Danapur, India Studied Business, Institute for Technology & Management (ITM) First Job Door to door surveyor Has Lived Mumbai, London, Ohio and Illinois Work Suresh brings expertise in [...]

Andy Lin

Born Los Angeles, California Studied Biochemistry at University of California, Berkeley First Job Contract developer in high school Has Lived California and Taiwan Work Andy has over 20 years’ [...]

Stu Feddersen

Born New Jersey Studied Finance at University of Illinois First Job Supermarket Bag Boy Has Lived New Jersey, California, Illinois and Georgia Work Stu is a highly accomplished IT executive with [...]

Asim Malik

Born Lucknow, India Studied Electronics Engineering at the University of Mumbai First Job Tutor Has Lived India, California, Ohio, New York, Connecticut, New Jersey Work Asim is a hands-on [...]

Jeffrey Thrall

Born Syracuse, New York Studied Organizational Management at Roberts Wesleyan College Global Business (EMBA), in progress at University of North Carolina First Job Paper route Has Lived New York, [...]

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