3 DevOps practices to avoid the Thursday Night of Dread

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Rehearsals aren’t just for orchestras. Practicing production release and monitoring as part of daily work will make deployment days more relaxed.

In a previous post, I described DevOps as an investment in team happiness. It can mean actually looking forward to deployments, rather than fearing the Thursday Night of Dread.

In particular, I’ve found three specific DevOps practices that go the farthest in boosting team morale:

Fast feedback

You have to commit—really commit—to automation and telemetry. People sometimes claim they’re doing test-driven development when they’re actually relying on manual testing. They say automation is too hard, or they can just get an army of offshore QA folks to do the manual testing.

But that’s not good enough: you need feedback in milliseconds—not hours, certainly not days. Manual QA, performed by armies or anyone else, will never be fast enough. It will always create a bottleneck. If every release takes four weeks or more of manual regression, that’s as fast as your development cycle will ever run.

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