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A Software Product Development Company with a Refreshed Approach

In 2009, we launched Nexient - now part of NTT DATA, a global digital business and IT services leader - to give American businesses a more responsive, domestic alternative to offshore software development. Using our refreshing approach to software development services we knew we could deliver better software products faster by collaborating with clients in real-time. Today, we’re the only 100% US tech company among the World’s Top 100 Outsourcers.

Every day, we help dozens of businesses — mostly Fortune 500 companies and fast-growing tech product companies — accelerate their software products and services to market and increase their agility.

Along the way, we’ve learned something important that most software product development companies fail to understand. The magic of software is more than its ability to automate tasks or save money.

What most product development companies miss... great software has the power to engage and connect with people

That is true whether it’s a shopping site, a personal finance app or an enterprise HR platform. If people love to use it, it will get used and fulfill its objective.

But too often, the end products that in-house developers and outsourced product development companies software produce falls short of this opportunity. There are many reasons: perhaps it is slow, confusing, or not fit for purpose. This failure costs businesses big money - in the trillions, in fact.

That simple realization led us to adopt a new way approach to software development consulting and developing, proven by leading technology companies. What if our approach placed great user experience at the root of the desired business outcome? If we built in the flexibility to evolve, improve and grow from day one? If happier customers and more productive employees drove higher revenues and profits for our clients?

We call it product-minded development, backed by agile development, digital innovation, and project to product strategies. We’ve taken the principles of elegant but purposeful product design and development from great consumer tech companies, and brought them to software development for enterprises and fast-growing tech product companies.

That’s Nexient: 100% US. 100% Agile. 100% committed to building beautiful software that people love to use and that helps our clients thrive.

Because life's too short for crappy software.

We're Now Part of the NTT DATA Family

Nexient is now an NTT DATA company, and we’re excited to offer our customers expanded industry-centric services and capabilities from one of the world’s largest digital consulting and IT services companies. Ranked as one of world’s most valuable brands, NTT DATA pushes the boundaries on what’s possible to simplify your digital transformation.  

Learn more about NTT DATA.

From our CEO...

“We break down silos and bridge the gap between product management and product development. Having that tight fit between the product and the market is crucial to driving your company’s top-line growth and ultimately it’s success.”

Allen Debes
Chief Executive Officer

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